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About Svenska Lancashire Heeler Klubben

The Lancashire Heeler Club of Sweden (LHC of Sweden) was established as a breed club already in 1989. The club changed its name to Svenska Lancashire Heeler klubben (SLHK) when the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK) considered Swedish breed clubs to have Swedish names. The year after the clubs formation, 1990, the first show was held. Over the years, the shows (2 to 3 per year) have been judged by judges from Sweden, Finland and In 2008 the club hit two records regarding the number of entries to the exhibition, the official club show broke the world record with over 100 Lancashire Heelers. SLHK has grown over the years and in December  2013 the number of members was around 200. The club has arranged breeders conferences and training weekends, local meetings with various activities arranged around the country and issues such as breeding, shows, publicity, education, newspaper and local activities are discussed on a regular basis.

The membership fee is currently (2014) 250 SEK / year, 300 SEK / year for persons residing outside Sweden. It is also possible to connect family members residing at the same address, for 50 SEK / person and year.

The easiest way to become a member is by inserting the fee to the club account BG 524-7077. OBS! New account! When paying from another country please use IBAN: SE4880 0000 0007 1331 2523 26 and SWIFT: SWEDSESS Bank: Swedbank. Do not forget to provide your name (your own and family members) and your address. For breeders it is possible to get contact information in the newspaper and on the website for a fee of 250 SEK / year. The breeder will then also be able to use the club puppy side on the website.