Thank you to the Swedish Lancashire Heeler club for my invitation to judge 8/9/23 It was held in the lovely grounds of the hotel Hogbo Bruk Sandviken. With entry of 57 with 2 absentees.

I Wish to thank all the exhibitors for their entry and always how they accepted my decisions. All were in good bodily condition , with excellent temperaments. I found a few stars. Toplines overall excellent, good black coats with no undercoat showing through.

Overall I did struggle with good number of heads just not full enough in skull/cheeks therefore loosing the lovely triangle head . Another is quite a few with pale tan, also very black muzzles this also distracts from the expression. Elbows also need watching. Movement should be relaxed and free a good number quite straight . Overall I’m sure with careful breeding these can all be sorted.

Kind regards Enid Lord FOXTHYME”